Left Arm Pain

When having left arm pain the first time you may be experiencing heart attack symptoms and warnings. Your health should always be your primary concern and is recommended that you go and see your doctor if the pain or sensations are prolonged, or if they keep on reoccurring.

With an electrocardiogram the heart health will be monitored and it can confirm if the pain you are experiencing is cardio related. The chances are that it will have nothing to do with your heart, especially if you don't feel any chest pain, but is better to be completely sure.

A very common type of left arm pain, this can also apply to your right arm too, is what is known as "numb arm".

This frequently occurs when you lay on your arm, typically when you are asleep and you restrict the blood circulation. It results in your arm aching and feeling somewhat heavy. You will then experience what is often referred to as "pins and needles" pain as the blood flow resumes. This pain can sometimes be quite severe although it lasts for a few short minutes only. The remedy is the removal of the restriction by taking your weight off the limb, accompanied by some exercise to the limb to help speed the recirculation process. This sort of pain can also be caused by muscle cramp.

In general having poor circulation is another cause of left arm pain; it is characterized by the arm feeling cold and numb. This often arises as a reaction to some medication that you may be taking, in that case you should consult your doctor.

Left arm pain can come in many conditions:
  • tendinitis - which is an injury to the tendon resulting in a dull aching sensation
  • bursitis - an inflammation of tiny sacs in your shoulder joint, leading to severe arm pain
  • carpal tunnel syndrome - a condition of the wrist typified by numbness and tingling which can spread into the arm area
  • post herpetic neuralgia - a disorder which attacks the nerve fibers causing a feeling of pain and numbness
  • thoracic outlet syndrome 
  • following some sort of trauma - which then results in arm pain
  • brachial plexus injury - which is the results of a nerve becoming overstretched
  • left arm pain can also be caused or aggravated by rheumatism and arthritis

So if it has nothing to do with your heart, what could be the cause and what natural remedies should you consider? Many times the natural route is better because it is safe and it is generally inexpensive.

The first thing you should do is to rest you arm and use it as little as possible.

A hot compress can help to lessen the pain and reduce any swelling since it helps the circulation; apply it up to 3 times per day for about 10-20 minutes. Always remember to keep a cloth between your skin and any compress to avoid damaging the skin. Also keeping your arm elevated can also help to minimize any swelling that you may experience.

Eating a natural, healthy, well balanced diet will also help and regular exercise, including basic routines to strengthen you arms are beneficial too.



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