Labile Hypertension - What is it?

You may have heard about labile hypertension, or been told it is a possible diagnosis, but there is a good chance that you don't know exactly what it means. It is a condition of blood pressure that tends to fluctuate significantly, usually over the course of a single day.

It may be unusually low, or rise significantly in a short period of time, with abrupt, repeated fluctuations.

There are many different reasons for these fluctuations with stress and anxiety being the main ones. People whose blood pressure is slowly rising may also experience this problem. It is extremely important not to ignore labile hypertension, even if your symptoms appear to go away. This kind of pressure fluctuation can be quite dangerous and will need to be monitored to determine the best treatment.

An increase in the pressure may occur due to emotional stress and traditional treatments often have little effect, while anti anxiety treatments including anxiety management may be helpful for controlling and keeping an ideal blood pressure. People with this condition should generally avoid caffeine and must monitor their blood pressure to make sure that they do not develop other types of hypertension. Sensitivity to salt is also quite common.

Once you have been diagnosed with labile hypertension, the next step is having a 24 hour blood pressure monitoring session. Portable monitors are commonly used, readings are taken all through the day to determine the inclinations of the fluctuating blood pressure.

Then, the right medications or treatments can be prescribed. Just like with ordinary hypertension, it is likely that you will need to change your lifestyle in some aspects.


Stress management, reduction of salt and fat intake in your diet, weight loss motivation and an increase in regular exercise are all likely to be recommended if you have labile hypertension. You are also very likely to be told to reduce your consumption of alcohol and to quit smoking if you have either of these habits, since they can contribute to hypertension.

Exercise does not increase blood pressure but can actually help reduce your stress levels, improving your overall health and helping to even out your blood pressure over the course of the day.

Getting the right treatment and remembering to monitor your pressure is extremely important. Don't think that this problem is not worth paying attention to. It could be the caution sign for something worse. 

See a doctor immediately if you think that you have this problem, and listen to the advice if it is your diagnosis. It could make your life a whole lot better.

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