Kidney Stone Diet

A kidney stone diet can surely help you if suffer from kidney stone problems. The kidneys play a very important role in the human body; they are responsible for filtering the blood and many more functions. One function executed by the kidneys that not many people know is the regulation of blood pressure.

When kidneys are healthy the blood pressure usually remains in an acceptable range. As soon as they start having problems the pressure tends to get out of control. Your kidneys have many small blood vessels and they can get damaged easily if the balance between certain elements inside the body gets upset.

The imbalance can speed up the stone formation inside the kidneys. The stones are normally created because the urine gets saturated by certain minerals or substances and the body is unable to dissolve them completely. The minerals start accumulating until the point that a complete stone is formed. There are ways to prevent the formation of stones; the most popular one is of course by the use of a kidney stone diet.

The first thing you need to understand is that you will have to avoid certain foods to prevent stones.

The immense majority of stones are formed from calcium. Calcium is necessary for bone formation and muscle development so you must consume a certain amount of it. The key is to control the foods that have high calcium content like milk, cheese, yogurt and some leafy vegetables. A consumption of 800 mg of calcium per day should be enough to keep you going when you are following the regimen.

The oxalates which are naturally occurring compounds in plants can combine with calcium to create more stones. Some foods like nuts and chocolate are said to be quite rich in this compound. Animal protein can also increase the appearance of stones in the kidneys. Sometimes cholesterol crystals can be created from fatty foods, is important to stay away from them. Processed sugar is another precursor of stones. Refined sugar in all its forms tends to absorb the calcium from the bones and send it to the kidneys creating an even bigger problem. If you really have to use it, get the organic brown sugar instead.

There are many things that can add to your kidney stone diet to increase its effectiveness. The first is to drink plenty of fluids every day, such as distilled water and 100% natural juices. You can take approximately 6 to 8 oz of fluid for every hour you are awake. The preferred fluid is water and you should avoid alcohol and sodas. Water is very helpful in dissolving stones while sodas tend to increase their formation, using distilled water will help greatly.

What you can eat

Your meals can include fresh fruits like grapes, peaches, papayas, grapefruits and apples.

Another alternative is to consume potatoes and carrots. They are a great source of fiber which can reduce the calcium excess. If you have carrots, you can eat them with mashed potatoes, have in mind that they can be prepared with water instead of milk and still taste good.

If you prefer you can cut potatoes or other root vegetables as fries, then cook them in an oven with some extra virgin olive oil.

Talk to your doctor if you believe that you are experiencing kidney problems.


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