Suffering from Kidney Problems

The number of persons with kidney problems is increasing; it is very important for people to understand its origin. The kidneys are the organs in the human body responsible to eliminate the toxins from the body. These toxins go to the urine along with byproducts from the blood and the excess water. The urine is stored in the bladder until it can be flushed from the body by going to the bathroom. Normally the urine can dissolve all the waste that the kidneys filter but there are occasions when some crystals remain inside the organ. The little crystals can gather together over a long period of time in order to form the stones in the kidneys.

The stones can get out of the body via the urine as long as they remain very small. Sadly there are times when they grow too much and can obstruct the urethra. Once in there you will experience intense pain near the groin area. This pain is very distinctive and you can almost be certain a stone is located in the area.

Not everybody experiences stones, to determine the causes of stones is necessary to study each individual case.

It has been said that there is a genetic component that increases the vulnerability to suffer from kidney problems with stones. Some people are likely to be more resistant to develop them than others. Those that are more vulnerable normally have a family history of suffering from them. A condition named renal tubular necrosis is hereditary and can be responsible for stone formation.

There are is another hereditary condition where a high concentration of calcium is found on the urine. This can also cause a frequent formation of crystals inside the those organs.

Some medications can accelerate the appearance of stones as well. These medications often used to treat conditions like high blood pressure have a strong concentration of calcium. Diet is another factor that cannot be ignored. Products containing a high amount of processed sugar should be avoided as they can combine with the calcium in the body for stone formation.

Other foods that should be controlled are the ones high in sodium and protein. The use of essential amino acids and the reduction of animal protein should be something to be considered. 

High amounts of sodium can be a kidney stones cause as well as they can raise the amount of calcium in the urine. Learn what are good alternatives on salt free foods.

There are ways that you can prevent some of the problems in your kidney, for example by drinking plenty of water every day and eating correctly. Consult with your doctor if you experience any pain near the groin that could be related to stones.

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