What is a Kidney Cyst

A kidney cyst is a very small bag filled with fluid that normally appears in the kidneys. The cysts or little bags have an oval or a round shape. Normally the cysts do not pose a major risk for anyone since a good number of them are quite benign. As a matter of fact many people have them and never become aware of their presence. However, that is not always the case and is still possible for cysts to be related to a condition called polycystic kidney disease.

It is a very troublesome condition that might cause hypertension problems, blood in the urine, fever or kidney infections.

The causes for polycystic kidney disease are varied but they can be grouped into 2 main types. One of the causes for the appearance of a kidney cyst is related to a genetic abnormality while the other depends more on the life style of a person. The genetic type can be either dominant or recessive. The dominant type is the most common one and it encompasses the vast majority of the cases related to kidney cysts. This specific type requires only one parent to pass the defective gene in order for the disease to appear in the offspring. The other genetic type is the recessive one. In this type both parents must contain the gene for their children to be affected by the condition.

The final type can appear without having the genetic predisposition to experience the problem.

This type is normally the result of a combination of poor eating habits, old age and other kidney problems. A person eating a high protein diet is very likely to develop a cyst. An excessive mount of proteins can cause the kidneys to work too hard causing them to fail later in your life. Some cysts can cause moderated problems while others can be the sign of cancer. Their shape, the appearance of the fluid inside of them and how much blood if any is circulating in them can help in the determination if a cyst belongs to the cancerous type.


The signs that can appear as a result from suffering cysts on the kidneys are: anemia, headaches, kidney stones, varicose veins, urinary tract infections and high blood pressure. The blood pressure problem usually arises from the fact that kidneys are responsible to control the volume of fluid in the body. If they get damaged the fluid balance gets upset and the pressure inside the blood vessels can increase drastically. In the same way if the pressure increases by some other factor it can damage the kidney aggravating the problem.

There are many ways that you can use to treat a kidney cyst problem.

The first step is normally to change your diet. Avoiding meat and reducing the amount of fatty foods consumed is the first step to restore the kidneys. Foods like potatoes, carrots, apples and pineapples can greatly aid your body in the recovery process. In the most extreme cases surgery might be necessary to remove cysts or in the worst case a kidney transplant can be the solution.


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