Inner Ear Problems

Inner ear problems can be quite common if you suffer from an ear infection. The inner ear is composed of the vestibular system and the cochlea (it refers to the deepest area in the human’s ear). The cochlea is responsible for the hearing function while the vestibular system takes care of the balance in the body.

The ear just like every other part of the human body can be affected by diseases. One of the most frequent problems in that part of the body is infection. The typical infection is called labyrinthitis and is one of the most common inner ear problems.
The ear infections are normally caused by an infection in another area of the body. Sinus and throat areas are very prone to infections and it can easily spread to the ear. Viruses are the number one cause for problems in the area. Illnesses like influenza and measles can easily develop into conditions that affect the ear. The inner part can also be affected by allergies, migraine, acoustic neuroma and auto immune diseases.

Ear problems can be acquired genetically as well.

Some families may carry a gene that can cause ear dysfunction. This is not very common but is a real possibility. Other problems can appear during pregnancy. They can originate from toxemia (a condition resulting from hypertension), diabetes, malnutrition and some glandular disorders.
When you experience inner ear problems there are some symptoms that might give you a clear indication of the problem you are facing. Ringing in the ears and decreased hearing are typical symptoms of a condition.

Vertigo and dizziness are very usual symptoms as well for anyone suffering from ear disorders.

They can be quite dangerous depending on the activity that you are doing at the moment. The dizziness can strike without a warning and if you are driving it can be life threatening.
Most ear conditions can be treated which can result in a dramatic improvement of your health. Some herbs like ginkgo biloba are used to increase blood flow to the inner ear restoring the balance. This can also aid in the recovery of any hearing loss. Certain vitamins like A, B, C, E and beta carotene can also assist in improving blood circulation and restoring nerve function inside the area. In the case of infection, garlic is frequently used because of its immune system enhancing properties.

Remember to talk with your doctor if you feel you are suffering from any hearing or dizziness problems.

The overall balance in your body is determined by the inner ear, the eyes, muscles and joints. They communicate with the brain by sending electrical signals; that way the brain can analyze the received information and move the body accordingly. When the inner ear is having problems; not all the signals are received correctly and the brain is unable to keep appropriate balance.


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