Increasing Metabolism

There are many benefits that can be obtained by increasing metabolism. The metabolism consists of many chemical reactions necessary for the body to function properly. These reactions are related to the production of energy and the construction of body tissue. The metabolism can determine how much food is needed for an organism to live. One of the things that make people curious about the metabolic process is its relationship with the body weight.

Metabolism controls the rate at which fat deposits in the human body playing a very important role in determining how easy or hard is for a person to lose or gain weight.

Most people make the wrong assumption thinking that by starving themselves will make them lose more weight. Nothing can be further from the truth; when you eat less food the body thinks there is a shortage of food supply and the metabolism slows down to conserve the highest amount of fat possible in order to survive. This could cause an overall increase in body weight. Most diets used today require the total elimination of carbohydrates to reduce weight. The weight reduction obtained from such methods is only temporary and can actually harm the body. Carbohydrates are necessary in many vital processes in the human body so cutting them down is not exactly a good idea.

The key point for increasing metabolism is choosing what kind of food you eat and how frequently you do it.

Junk food consists mostly on dangerous fats that turn easily into toxins once inside the human body. The best way to accelerate the metabolism is by consuming fresh food that your body can digest fast. This type of food can be converted into energy very quickly and it doesn’t accumulate as fatty tissue.

Vegetables like carrots, cabbage, celery, spinach and potatoes are a great source of complex carbohydrates that your body can use easily and will not turn into fat like the simple carbohydrates provided by refined foods. Fruits like pineapples, oranges, peaches and strawberries are another great source of essential nutrients that can boost your metabolism. Avoid canned fruits and vegetables if possible as they usually contain preservatives that can hurt you.

Besides eating the right food you also need to know how often you need to eat it. Eating more meals a day have the effect of burning the body fat faster. Instead of the usual 3 meals you can eat 6 but with a smaller portion in each of them.


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