What are Immune System Boosters

Immune system boosters are frequently used to increase the strength of the defense mechanism of the body. Today many diseases are becoming resistant to normal medications. That can be the result of overusing them as the slightly sign of a health problem. Several bacteria and viruses are often mutating to avoid being affected by these chemicals. The natural approach might be quite useful in order to protect your body from incoming illnesses.

The human body has a natural defense against microorganisms; unfortunately sometimes the defense response is too slow to prevent the disease.

There are many factors that can weaken your immune system. One of them and probably the one that affect people the most is stress. Your emotions play a very important role on the health of your body. A stressed person will normally have health problems like hypertension, insomnia and sometimes heart disease.
Stress can also make people get sick faster and be easily affected by viruses and bacteria. Being happy and knowing how to deal with the problems of daily life can improve your health dramatically. High sugar levels in the blood can also weaken your system. Since insulin is produced as the levels of sugar in the blood increase; the cells will allow more insulin inside of it instead of vitamins and minerals needed to fight infections.

Echinacea flowerThere are many natural immune system boosters that you can use to help your body fight diseases. 

The echinacea and goldenseal herbs are often used together as natural remedies. The combination have nice antibacterial and anti viral properties. Colds, bronchitis and influenza are often treated with these herbs.

Garlic is also often used for several conditions like common cold, flu, high cholesterol, hypertension and heart disease. It also contain antioxidants to fight free radicals which assist in cancer prevention.


The vitamin C is also a great help for the defense mechanism of the body, it has the powerful effect in preventing colds and flu. It is also a great antioxidant. It is one of the natural immune system boosters that are very abundant in fruits and vegetables.

Oranges, broccoli, potatoes, and papayas are some examples of foods that are very rich in it.

Remember to consult your health care provider before taking any natural remedy especially if are consuming any kind of medication.


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