How to Get your Ideal Body Fat Percentage

The ideal body fat percentage is not a fixed number but a measure that can vary among individuals. Each day more people are becoming aware of the importance of living a healthy life.

A full healthy life has many components; one of them is a healthy body. In order to have a healthy body you will need to do more than simply lose or gain weight. Most people think that losing weight is the same as being healthy but is not that simple. Eliminating the fatty tissue and not the lean one is a must to obtain a healthy body. Doing this will not only result in looking better but also in preventing health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

There is such thing as having too little fat in your body too. The answer to have your ideal body fat percentage lies in the balance. This percentage is an indicator of how much of it you have stored in your body according to several factors such as gender and age. This number can be a better indicator of a person’s health than just the weight.

The reason for this is that the body stores fat in many parts of the body and some areas are bound to have a higher amount than others. Males and females also store it slightly different. Females store it mainly in the hip areas while males will store it frequently in the abdominal area. The body fat in men is also lower than in women.

Increasing metabolism

Another thing to keep in mind is that metabolism get slower as the body gets older. As a result the process of burning fat also becomes slower making it harder to reduce it as people age. In almost everybody the ideal body fat percentage should be lower than 25%. In men it will go approximately from 10% to 20%. In women the ideal body fat percentage will usually go from 20% to 30%. There are many ways to determine the percent of it in your body. You can find body fat monitors around the Internet or in stores near you. This monitor will analyze how much fat you have according to your height, gender and other physical characteristics.

How to decrease the fat percentage

Reducing the amount of fat in your body is not a complicated process but it can get tricky. The general recommendation is to start with a weight lifting routine then follow with cardio. Remember to start your exercising period like 3 to 4 hours after eating to make sure you are burning the fat in your body. Depending if you are male or female you can choose heavy or light weights to strengthen and tone your muscles. Then you will follow with 10 minutes of intense cardio exercise. Since your goal is to reduce the percent of it in your body you will follow then with an additional 20 minutes of cardio but this time is going to be done at a slower pace.
Do not forget to include proper nutrition in your plan to reach the ideal body fat percentage. Fruits and vegetables in your diet can make a big difference in your efforts to eliminate the excess. Another step is to consume lean meats, it will inevitable decrease the amount of fat in your body and make you feel better.


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