Ideal Blood Pressure

Some people believe that achieving an ideal blood pressure is very hard but the reality is that it can be done by following simple guidelines. The blood pressure is the force applied by the blood to the walls of the arteries.

Under normal circumstances the heart makes little effort to pump blood through the whole body.

If there is thick blood because of the presence of unhealthy saturated fats and high cholesterol it will not be able to flow freely and the heart will have to make a bigger effort to pump blood and the pressure will rise in consequence. This situation can cause damage to the heart and make it weaker.

Hypertension is not the only problem when you look for the ideal blood pressure, low blood pressure or hypotension can also be dangerous. Hypotension is not as common as hypertension but some cases have been reported. Sometimes when people take their hypertension prescriptions when their pressure is not that high it tends to decrease too much.

If the pressure gets too low your heart will not be able to pump the blood and heart failure can happen. One way to prevent a situation like that is to use a log with the written readings. Once you have a well prepared log you will be able to know if your pressure should be elevated enough to take a hypertension medication. In any case consult with your doctor if any unusual variation with your pressure occurs.

A monitor is a must for anyone that has pressure problems.

You will be able to know at the moment if your blood pressure is out of control. If you have hypotension raising the pressure is quite easy. A little moderate extra salt to your diet and you pressure will be okay. A person suffering hypertension has more to worry about that someone with hypotension. The reason for this is that lowering pressure is harder that increasing it. You can lower your pressure with medication but unfortunately you will probably have to keep taking for a long time. Thankfully there is an alternative to keep your pressure low without any medication and that is to change your habits.

Alcohol drinkers and tobacco users have to stop their unhealthy habits if they want to have an ideal blood pressure anytime soon. The next step is stopping the consumption of junk food.

Bad cholesterol is one of the main culprits of heart diseases and many more illnesses. Eating fruits and vegetables will contribute to your improvement as well.


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