Hypertension Prevention

Is it Possible To Prevent High Blood Pressure

About hypertension prevention

High blood pressure can be avoided and treated if you are willing to take the steps to do it. Many people don’t know what high blood pressure is.

Your blood pressure is measured by the force of blood flowing within your hearts arteries. It is measured when your heart beats and when your heart rests (diastolic pressure), if your blood pressure is high then that can lead to Hypertension, which is also called high blood pressure because if its higher than normal it can lead to heart disease. 

Normal blood pressure is less than 120, (systolic, beating) and less than 80, (diastolic, resting). If your blood pressure is any higher there is a term called pre hypertension, if it’s higher than that it’s called Hypertension. You are at risk of a heart attack or stroke because your heart is working harder trying to pump blood to your body and when you lack blood supply organs began to malfunction. The heart will not continue to take a continuous pounding, it has limits.

How to prevent it

Too much weight on your frame causes your heart to beat harder to give blood where there is extra fat. Loosing weight if you are overweight is the best way to cut the risk of heart disease. Dropping a few pounds is easy if you follow these steps, everything else will fall into line. This is very important when it comes to hypertension prevention.

You need to stay active, even walking up a few flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator is simple enough to do. Get out and walk when you can, giving your heart a healthy activity will help to regulate it to a normal pressure. Even when you exercise you heart pumps blood and helps your body to generate oxygen. If you aren’t sure what your blood pressure is you can test it, it’s painless and should be done once a month so you can review the numbers.

When you do test your blood pressure take it three times, average it out between the readings and that will give you a good estimate. If it’s a little higher than it should be talk to your doctor about your concern. Also, you should limit your salt intake; this is sometimes hard to do with all the processed food we eat but its one of the key elements of hypertension. Limit your intake of alcohol too, there are studies that show drinking is fine in moderation, if you stick within the guidelines and don’t get drunk a lot, then your blood pressure won’t suffer unless you abuse alcohol.

If you are unable to take steps to lower your blood pressure you may be placed on medications that will help lower it for you. Medicine should be the last resort, but it’s available for those that need it. Even if you have to take blood pressure medication you can still take small steps to help keep it low. Exercise when you can, limit your salt intake, drink with moderation and don’t smoke. Hypertension prevention is possible. If you are serious about lowering your high blood pressure, you can do it, your heart will thank you by beating another day.


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