Living With Hypertension and Obesity

The Relation between hypertension and obesity

The problem of obesity is sharply increasing at an alarming rate. As estimated by different health journals, over 65% of adults are suffering from overweight problem. 

And over 31% is experiencing obesity in their lifetime. 

Both of these groups are at high risk for developing various life-threatening health complications including:

  • high blood pressure

  • diabetes

  • cholesterol

  • eye impairment

  • many others

In this article, it will be analyzed the possible relation between hypertension and obesity. In addition, let us look onto few useful self-measure to keep ourselves healthy and fit.

The trend and prevalenceWeight watching

As expounded in the trend studies, the problem of obesity is on continuous rise for last two decades. So is true with the problem of high blood pressure. In fact, a strong correlation between hypertension and obesity has been observed in recent years. In the United States, over 29% individuals are suffering from the hypertensive problem. 

These individuals are commonly reported as having high blood pressure, say 140/90mmHg, or extensively dependent on hypertensive medications. Different studies have confirmed that the relation between these two conditions is linear.

A critical appraisal

However, the strength and weakness of the relation between high blood pressure and obesity needs to be critically evaluated. In different ethnic and racial groups, this relation is not as strong as it is with some other cultural groups. Hence, risk estimation suggests that while a majority of obese condition may contribute to the development of this condition , there might be some other reasons as well to develop such complications.

An in-depth study suggests that 'beer gut' or accumulation of fat in the abdominal area can make an individual more vulnerable towards high blood pressure compared to overall obesity problem. Hence, considering the above fact, we can conclude the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area is more responsible for causing hypertension. So, there is a strong correlation between abdominal fat and hypertension, but not directly to the overall obesity only.

Potential self measures

Still much more studies are needed to confirm whether a scientifically acclaimed strong correlation between hypertension and overall obesity exists or not, but overweight and obesity have strong and proven adverse effect on overall health system. So, excessive weight gain is always discouraged. By taking few simple measures, you can easily stay in a good shape, such as:

  • following a healthy lifestyle

  • healthy diet

  • doing regular exercise

  • avoiding sedentary behavior

  • taking admission into weight loss program if needed

  • controlling alcohol consumption 

  • quit smoking


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