How to Keep Your Lungs Healthy

Your lungs are very important, so how to keep your lungs healthy is something you might be asking to yourself. Breathing is an essential process for all human beings. Lungs, nose, mouth and the trachea are all parts of the respiratory system which process the air that you breathe.

The air enters by the nose or the mouth then passes the trachea and finally reaches the lungs. Once the oxygen has reached the lungs it will enter the red blood cells while the carbon dioxide is being expelled. Inside the lungs you can find many small chambers that are responsible for the oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange. The chambers contain many cilia. Cilia are structures very similar to tiny hairs. Their function is to get rid of any impurity found and take it out of the lungs.

As you can see lungs are at the core of the respiratory system so is very important to keep them in good condition.  There are many dangers out there that can affect your lungs and you must be prepared to take the necessary precautions.

The first and probably the most obvious way to have a healthy respiratory system is to avoid smoking (and being around people that are smoking).

Cigarettes are very dangerous as they contain several dangerous chemicals like tar plus many other substances. Depending on the amount of times that you smoke the toxins might accumulate at a faster or slower rate. The overall capacity of the lungs can be affected and can take some time to fully recover.

The environment near you may also contain several elements that can threaten your health.

Pollutants from cars, buses and factories can hinder your ability to breathe freely. Many diseases can affect you after being exposed for a prolonged period of time to hazardous contaminants. Some of them are lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, allergies, colds, emphysema and pulmonary hypertension. How to keep your lungs healthy and free from most contaminants? The answer is having a healthy life style.

A healthy life style includes exercise and a good diet.

Exercising can help you use your lungs to their full potential which can result in greater levels of oxygen in the blood stream. This will make you less vulnerable to respiratory diseases, heart disease and strokes.

Exercise has the added benefit of reducing stress and depression which can lead to an even healthier body and mind. Running and cycling are amazing exercises that can help you strengthen all the systems in your body. You will have to do them regularly if you want to see the benefits. Running for at least 3 times a week for 15 to 20 minutes can really make a difference on how to keep your lungs healthy. Cycling should be done with the same frequency as running. You can also swim if you enjoy it. Same at least 3 times a week for 15 to 20 minutes will make you feel awesome.

Eating correctly can also provide you with many benefits. Stay away from dairy products as they can increase the mucus production. Using garlic and fresh ginger when preparing meals, on the other hand, can decrease the mucus problem allowing you to breathe easier. Staying as far as you can from dangerous chemicals and pollutants will also be very helpful.


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