How Does Stress Affect Health

How does stress affect health? The answer to this question is quite simple. Stress can affect all aspects of your health. The stress factor can affect your physical, mental and emotional health.

Most people are not fully aware of the implications of living a stressful life. Approximately 90% of all health conditions are related to stress. This fact alone is enough for us to highlight the importance of managing stress. Heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, strokes and cancer are only a few examples of conditions that can be linked to stress. The conditions previously mentioned are also among the top causes of death all around the world.

Your immune system is easily weakened by stress.

During stressful periods your body releases some chemicals that make your body more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. Even skin is severely affected by it. The high amount of adrenaline produced during stressful moments takes the blood from the skin stopping the generation of healthy skin cells. This can also accelerate the aging process of the skin and make it look more wrinkled. Even hair loss can occur as a consequence of being stressed.

You might be thinking how does stress affect health besides physically.

The mental consequences of living a stressful life are also quite significant. The right side of the brain gets adversely affected by the tension. This part of the brain is known to be responsible for the creativity and emotions of a person. The right part also allows you to analyze a given situation as whole. 

Since someone that is stressed cannot effectively use the right part of the brain; they will likely use the left part in that situation. The left part analyze things logically and in parts. Someone that is stressed analyze things mostly with the left part that is going to make things worse as they will only look at the details.

The ability to learn is also decreased when facing a stressful situation.

Chemicals released by the body interfere with the neurons in the brain hindering the process of storing information. Depression, insomnia and irritability are some emotional consequences of letting yourself stressed.


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