How Does Cancer Start?

How does cancer start? That’s the question in the mind of most people. Cancer is a very dangerous and common condition. This illness is one of the main causes of death around the world like heart disease, strokes and diabetes. It can be hard to detect on the earlier stages which is why many people do not know they have cancer until is too late.

The condition usually takes many years to develop. That is the reason why cancer is less common in children. The common areas affected by this condition are the skin, lungs, colon and rectum. Breast cancer is quite common in women and the prostate one in men. This illness starts with one defective cell.

This abnormal cell starts multiplying without stopping. Healthy cells divide way slower than a cancer cell. The growing of a normal cell is also restricted by the contact with another cell. Defective cells do not stop propagating once they are in contact with other cells. The cancer cells easily manage to multiply fast and occupy the surrounding tissue. They will use all the resources it can find to continue the replicating process. Since these cells do not tend to adhere to each other; they can manage to spread to other tissues quickly.

Possible causes

So how does cancer start; the answer can be found in the possible causes. Exposure to radiation, dangerous chemicals, smoking, genetic mutations and some immune disorders can damage cells creating cancer cells. Healthy or normal cells carry the genes passed from the parents. These genes contain the DNA that will provide every cell the instructions necessary to perform their tasks.

Main issue with cells

The central problem occurs when the genes are altered by a chemical, radiation or any other external agent. That will cause the genes to start mutating and give erroneous information to the cell. That error in the information will cause the cell to stop working or to work too much. Cells can normally repair the errors that normally occur within it but there are times that the errors might be overlooked by the repairing mechanisms. Once this happens the mutated cells will start replicating until they can form a tumor.

Cancer tumors can be difficult to eliminate but there are several ways to deal with them. Doctors generally use surgery to remove tumors and any surrounding tissue to get rid of the cancer cells. Chemotherapy is the treatment generally used to kill any remaining cancer cells that cannot be removed with surgery or radiation.


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