High Diastolic Blood Pressure

High diastolic blood pressure can be as dangerous as the systolic one. First of all, is important to understand the meaning of blood pressure. Blood pressure is the force that blood applies to the vessels. This pressure can be divided into 2 different pressures, the systolic one and the diastolic one.

Systolic blood pressure is the pressure exerted on the arteries walls when the heart is pumping blood. The diastolic blood pressure is the one exerted when heart is relaxed and is getting new blood for the next pump. The systolic pressure will be always higher than the diastolic one.

The average blood pressure is normally lower than 120/80mmHg but higher than 90/60mmHg. The top number is the systolic blood pressure and the bottom number refers to the diastolic pressure. When the blood pressure readings are outside the normal range your body can start suffering damage if the pressure gets too far from the average level for too long. A couple of years ago the systolic pressure was considered to be the most important one as it produces the highest amount of pressure on the arteries. Doctors have realized that both pressures are equally important.

Recent studies have shown that high diastolic blood pressure have a damaging impact on the brain.

The ability to focus, comprehend and complete certain tasks is severely affected if the diastolic pressure remains too high for too long.

The reason for this is that blood vessels are all around the body even in the brain. If the blood vessels in the brain become stiff and blocked the brain functions will be affected. High blood pressure will also create problems in the kidneys, the heart and all around your body.

You can do something to prevent the devastating effects of high diastolic blood pressure. Strengthening the heart should be one of your top priorities. A strong heart can deliver blood efficiently to the whole body. Exercises such as walking for around 30 minutes every day and aerobics exercises should be enough to keep the heart in a nice shape. Besides a healthy amount of exercise the heart will need nutrients in order to work well. Eating natural food (with lots of vegetables and fruits) should be enough to give the body what it needs.

An important step that you cannot miss is to eliminate anything that can block your arteries and or weaken your heart. Saturated and trans fats are harmful for the body and if you want to live a long healthy life you must avoid them at all costs.


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