High Blood Sugar Symptoms

High blood sugar symptoms are a consequence of having elevated glucose levels in the blood. Glucose is necessary for the human body. The energy to carry out the metabolic processes in our bodies is derived from the glucose. Glucose is essentially sugar and without it our bodies cannot function.

In order to keep the appropriate levels of sugar in the blood, the insulin is released by the pancreas.

The insulin is responsible to take the sugar inside the cells to be used as an energy source. If the body receives an excessive amount of sugar; the pancreas has to compensate by producing a bigger amount of insulin. This situation can overwork the pancreas decreasing its efficiency.

Once this organ starts having problems; glucose levels increase and high blood sugar symptoms can appear.

If too much sugar accumulates in the blood your arteries can get damaged which can lead to hypertension problems as well.

There are many symptoms related to a high sugar concentration in the blood:

- One of them is thirst. This thirst is not like the normal one you feel every day. You feel that no matter how much water you drink you still feel thirsty. This event is caused by the body as it tries to eliminate the excessive amount of sugar through urination. The greater the amount of sugar in the bloodstream; the more fluid the body will require to wash it away.
- Another symptom; generally caused by the previous one is frequent urination. As you drink plenty of water caused by the insatiable thirst; your body will need to take out any excess fluids. This is why one of the most common high blood sugar symptoms is frequent visits to the bathroom.
- Fatigue or the feeling to be very tired is often experienced by people with high levels of sugar in their blood as well. Getting up several times during the night to go to the bathroom will definitely hinder your resting time. The exhaustion can also be caused by the inability of the body to use the sugar in the bloodstream.
- Other health problems that can appear are: frequent infections, an unusual and significant weight loss not related to any diet or exercise program and visual problems. The visual problems are characterized by blurry vision; this may or may not be related to sugar problems so is important to check with your doctor in any case.

Paying attention to the signs provided by your body is essential to prevent further complications otherwise you can suffer irreversible damage.


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