Herbal Remedy For Headache: Does It Work?

Herbal remedy for headache relief

Herbal remedies are used as very common solutions for many illnesses today. And because many people doubt about the capabilities of medications, a lot of people today prefer the use of other potential cures such as herbal treatments. 

Like in the other forms of alternative therapies, herbal remedies are not scientifically proven to really work on headaches. Knowing all this, many people have attested to the curing ability of these powerful and natural herbal products.

Below you can find is a list of herbal remedies which could be given to specific types of headache. Using them together with other therapies may be very beneficial for you. However, you must not forget to ask  your doctor first before trying any of the following remedies.

1 - Herbal remedy for cluster head pains

Getting relief for cluster head pains could be made possible by cayenne. 

Some of its medical uses are:

  • to help smooth the digestive track

  • to bring back the normal circulation in your body

  • to relieve you of pain through its content

If used together with other forms of therapies, cayenne could be very potent for headache problems.

2 - Herbal relief for migraine

Migraine herbal headache remedies relief could be provided for by herbs like: feverfew and ginkgo biloba. These two herbal remedies are very popular in the medical world. Their use is not only limited to migraine headaches, but can be utilized in other health problems such as:

  • arthritis

  • menstrual cramping

  • others

These herbs could lessen the duration, frequency and severity of the attacks of your migraine. Again, ask your doctor before using any of the herbal remedy for headache mentioned above.

3 - Relief for tension headaches

Another herbal remedy for headache can also be made possible in tension headaches. For this type, peppermint is most commonly used for its calming effect. Because it helps your body to relax amidst stress and anxiety, it also allows your body to be free from tension which causes the head pains. Peppermint could also be used for bowel syndromes such as:

  • gastritis

  • cramps

  • motion sickness

Like the other herbal remedies given above, peppermint is proven to be safe and effective to use. However, it is important to remind yourselves that medical consult is a must, especially if your headaches persist for more than three times a month. The physician would know the diagnostic procedures to trace the cause of your problem and the medical team would know how to handle the problems that you are facing.


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