Heart Palpitations Causes

The identification of the heart palpitations causes is basic for the correct early treatment. It may feel like your heart is skipping a beat, beating too much or pounding in your chest.

When a palpitation occurs the heart is not beating at a regular rhythm or it could be beating normal.

Palpitations can be normal but in some cases they are a cause for concern.


Usually, palpitations are not serious. If they are brought by caffeine or other medications then simply discontinuing the use of such can reduce or eliminate them. Some people may experience them as part of another condition, like anxiety or stress. They can also occur due to a thyroid condition or exercise.

In more serious cases, they are part of an underlying heart problem or other serious problem within the body, such as heart valve problems, low blood oxygen levels, electrolyte abnormalities or heart disease.

If a person is experiencing palpitations then it is a good idea to see a doctor. A doctor will look over your medical history and do an exam. The exam may include tests like an electrocardiogram which will reveal how your heart is beating. You probably will have to wear a monitor that can watch your heart rate over a period of time. If an abnormal heart beat is discovered then your doctor will look for the causes of heart palpitations and find a treatment that is suitable.


The heart palpitations treatment is not serious enough to require an evasive course. But if you are suffering from heart disease or another health condition that is causing the palpitations then treatment will be used for that condition. In most cases, though, there are simple lifestyle changes that can help put an end to them.

If you can figure out the cause then it can be quite simple to treat your the condition on your own. For example, if your palpitations are due to a medication that you are taking then stopping the use of that particular one can end the problem. Simple things like not smoking, reducing caffeine intake and getting regular exercise can all help to stop palpitations.

In most cases, palpitations are not a cause for concern. They are simply a reaction of your body to stress, medication or some other outside influence. Only when it is found that you have a specific medical condition that is causing your palpitations they are something of concern.

This condition is actually quite common. Many people feel little flutters in their heart or a pounding in their chest at one time or another. Most of the time it is something that happens due to a specific incident, like being scared. However, if they are affecting your daily life, causing you pain or making you feel uncomfortable then you should see a doctor to make sure that they are not due to an underlying and more serious cause.


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