Heart Disease Facts to Know

One of the heart disease facts that may surprise you is that there are some factors that are not under your control. Race, age, genetics of the individual are some elements that influence the chances of developing heart disease.

Preventing the condition is the best approach that you can take. Even when there are some factors out of your control, the critical ones are dependent on your habits and way of life. Some heart diseases affect adults while others occur in children more often. These diseases can affect the heart muscle, the valves and the tissue in the heart.

One of the most surprising heart disease facts is that women have a higher chance of sudden death as a result of a heart attack than men. Heart attacks occur more often during the mornings than any other time of the day.

This can happen because blood platelets tend to be more viscous during the early hours of the day.

There are many factors that come to play when a person suffers from heart disease. High levels of cholesterol, smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes; being overweight and a sedentary lifestyle are the main risk elements that can be handled by choosing a healthier lifestyle.

Genetics and age are the factors beyond our control that might cause heart diseases. Congenital heart disease is the most common of these types of illnesses in children. Sometimes children are born with a lesser number of leaflets than they should in their hearts valves and that can cause a huge number of problems in their lives. Age is another element that cannot be controlled.

As a person ages the heart and the whole cardiovascular system gets weaker and is more prone to suffer as a result of valves that cannot longer close well, etc.

One of the heart disease facts that can be important for you to understand is the effect of stress. Stress and anxiety are not only harmful for the heart but for all organs in the human body as well. When someone is stressed the immune system gets weak and illnesses can take over the body easily. There are things you can do to avoid prevent most heart diseases. Overweight people can start exercising and eat healthy; smokers can quit the cigarette.

If you have diabetes start eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Most diseases in the human body can be prevented by eating natural foods like vegetables and fruits and by exercising.

Remember that the heart is a muscle and like any muscle it can become stronger by getting the appropriate exercise. Medication and surgery can help in the treatment of many heart diseases but should be used only when everything else fails.


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