Heart Blockage Symptoms

Heart blockage symptoms can be either acquired or congenital in nature. One common condition in the United States is the coronary heart disease. The condition develops mainly due to blockages in the heart's blood vessels.

The blockages can be avoided if the person understands where they come from and how they are treated once diagnosed. 

The difference on the blockages is simply how it occurs and when.

  • Congenital blocks are common in babies born from mothers with diseases that are autoimmune based, such as lupus. These diseases create antibodies that travel through the placenta and attack the cells of the body. This can cause damage and blockages in the tissues of the heart.

  • Acquired blockages that occur as we get older. Many conditions can be cited as a cause of heart blockage such as: sarcoidosis, cardiomyopathy, damage from the heart attack itself. Usually these conditions afflict us as we grow older and our bodies weaken a bit.

Both of the causes can be treated with great success. Treatment requires a visit to a doctor, preferably one who specializes in cardiac medicine. The cardiologist will run tests on you to determine the type of blockage being dealt with. Then will consult with you to lay out a treatment plan that suits your body and situation.

Many times a blockage can be treated with things like: blood thinners, anti inflammatory or beta blockers. Sometimes a pacemaker is used to regulate the heartbeat. Most of the time, a heart block condition will go away over time with proper treatment. Believe it or not, the condition can even be treated and slowed down with proper diet.

Typically a low salt, low bad cholesterol diet is advised.

Salad on a plateSodium is known to have an adverse effect on the heart and blockages are among the conditions presented. Cholesterol is notoriously responsible for plaque buildup in the arteries, known as coronary heart disease.

Simple exercise is also a good way to treat a blockage.

In conjunction with a proper diet and possibly medication, your chances of ridding yourself of a blockage are quite good.

If you are diagnosed with a heart blockage condition, see your doctor immediately and start watching your diet. The condition can be treated quickly, easily and successfully about 80% of the time, so the odds are definitely in your favor.



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