Healthy Snacks for Kids - The easy way

Healthy snacks for kids are essential to keep them with energy. Children have a tendency to eat plenty of snacks but very rarely will go for the full meal. That fact emphasizes the importance of providing snacks to ensure proper nutrition. The main problem is that kids refuse healthy food, especially when they are told to eat it.

There is a big chance for children to start screaming or running away when showed a plate with healthy food. You obviously do not want this to happen; there are ways to prevent the situation.

Kids normally love unhealthy food but that happens as a consequence of watching their parents eat too much junk food. Children are always observing the world around them. One of those things is the way the parents eat and what is offered to them.

Some parents eat junk foods while trying to force the youngsters to eat vegetables. That is not a good idea. Setting the example is necessary for them to get used to it. When you do this, you are setting the path for them to be adults without diabetes or hypertension problems.

You can find many ways to create healthy snacks for kids:

One of them is to make a list of what kind of fruits and vegetables they seem to like. Once you have it make sure they know in which part of the refrigerator is located so that they have easy access to them. Fruit is one the best choices you have to make healthy snacks. Dried fruit can be very useful. Raisins, cherries and apricots are great alternatives that basically do not require preparation and can be very tasty. You have to be sure that your dried fruits do not have added sugar to ensure the healthiest snack possible.

- One sure way to make a healthy snack fun is by making fruit faces.

Fruit face
You can basically make a face with almost any fruit and children will be willing to eat it: strawberries, pineapples, bananas, raspberries, pears, watermelons and papaya fruit slices.

In the picture at your right you will see a very simple fruit face.

For the eyes I used 2 halves of pineapple slices and 2 raisins. The nose is an apple slice and the mouth is a papaya slice.

Another idea with the apple is to peel it, then cut a small part of it, horizontally, to create a mouth and put some raisins as the eyes. That way you have created a face in an apple, which kids love.

- A snack that children will definitely love is the juice ice pop.

You just need to buy some ice pop containers and fill them with 100% natural fruit juice. You can either prepare the juice at home with fresh or frozen fruits or you can get it in a store (remember to check the list of ingredients).

Apple juice ice pop

Do not forget to put a stick in them before freezing.

Once they are frozen you will have a snack that they won’t be able to resist.

- Another way to make some healthy snacks for kids is to use baby carrots and celery sticks.

To accompany those vegetables you could prepare an easy homemade green dip with avocado, chopped onion and just a little bit of lemon juice; serve the dip in a small plastic bowl or in a plate divided with sections.

Fresh avocado dip

You can also make some fresh salsa with tomato, garlic, onion and some extra virgin olive oil.


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