Health Benefits of Beets

Among the health benefits of beets is that they are good sources of vitamins and minerals, which means that these vegetables are packed with nutrients. Both the roots and the green beet leaves can help detoxify the body.

Beet greens have a bitter flavor, especially if they are harvested after maturity. If you pick the tender, young leaves you will discover that these are actually quite appetizing; the veined, colorful leaves make a good substitute for recipes that are cooked with spinach or kale.

You also will find that beet greens contain high levels of iron as well as calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and copper. In fact the iron and mineral content is higher in the leaves of beets than in the actual roots. You can add these greens to soups or salads for a wonderful, healthy taste experience.

Beet roots and beet greens also contain vitamin A, vitamin B (B1, B2 and B6) and vitamin C. When you factor in the additional iron and minerals that are found in beets it is easy to see that this vegetable really has a vast number of healthy characteristics that can help your body. Surprisingly the iron content of beets is higher than that found in spinach, and the quality of the iron in beets is superior.

Beets roots and leaves

When you eat them you are treating your body to the health benefits of beets that include: natural fiber, potassium, iodine and folic acid. All of these are important to your health and well being. They also provide you with the healing and rejuvenating antioxidants. The beets lower the damages to the heart and circulatory system. Even the carbohydrates that are found in beets are naturally digestible sugars for your body.

Raw beets, cooked beets and natural beet juice can all be used by your body to:

- Keep your body in a more alkaline state

- Maintain the strength and elasticity of blood vessels

- Cleanses the gall bladder and the kidneys

- Help flush the urinary system

- Inhibit the creation of cancer causing compounds

- Build your blood by helping in the production of more iron rich, red blood cells

- Relieve problems of chronic constipation

- Fight the build up of plaque in your arteries

- Detoxify your liver and blood

- Lower high blood pressure

Many people enjoy the delicious flavor of cooked beets but others may prefer to juice these vegetables. Preparing beet juice is actually quite simple. You can add sliced beets to a blender and create pure beet juice to drink in just a matter of moments.

The juice from a fresh beet can also be obtained by processing these vegetable roots in a juicer or you can use even strain them through a colander.


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