Glaucoma Laser Surgery

The glaucoma laser surgery is often used as a last resort when all other treatments have failed to control the condition. Glaucoma is known to be a disease that affects the eye. The condition is known to damage the optic nerve as a result of high pressure inside the eye.

The pressure inside the eye builds up over time gradually harming the optic nerve until the vision is completely lost. Even when age plays a fundamental role in the development of the disease, it can affect people of all ages.

The most common types of glaucoma are open angle and angle closure.

In the open angle the drainage canals in the eyes are not blocked at the beginning but further inside they are. In this type the vision loss is so gradual that it can be easily go unnoticed until is too late. In the angle closure type the angle between the cornea and the iris is too small and the drainage is completely clogged. That type will usually give several signs like nausea, headaches, eye pain and blurred vision.

The causes for the condition are not very clear, certain risk factors are: having an eye injury, other eye problems like myopia, genetics also play an important role, diabetes and in some cases hypertension. There are many ways to treat the problem, one of them is by using glaucoma laser surgery. This type of treatment is generally used after medications have failed to lower the pressure inside the eye.

The surgical procedure is normally painless and some cloudy vision and irritation is possible once the operation has finished.

These symptoms will usually disappear the next day. This surgery like all others has risks. Some problems associated with it are a temporary increase or decrease in the intraocular pressure and the formation of cataracts. These problems occur rarely and can be solved with some medications.

The operation is often used as the last alternative but is way better than dealing with the consequences of the disease. The laser treatment works very effectively in preventing further damage to the optic nerve and blindness. The glaucoma laser surgery can be used to treat the most common types of glaucoma. The primary open angle type is treated by reducing the internal pressure of the eye with the selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT). The pressure is decreased by incrementing the drainage of the aqueous fluid. This is done by treating the tissue in the trabecular meshwork.

Another similar procedure using an laser is used to open the drainage canals of the eye. This specific procedure will require the use of medication to keep the intraocular pressure from rising again.

The angle closure type is often treated with the laser peripheral iridotomy (LPI).

The procedure requires making a small opening in the iris. The opening will allow the iris to move away from the cornea, increasing the angle and allowing a greater aqueous flow.

Laser cyclophotocoagulation is used to treat the most severe cases of glaucoma. The procedure aims a laser to the ciliary body in the eye by doing this the eye produces less fluid reducing the pressure.

The glaucoma laser surgery can be a way to cure your condition; consult with your doctor about any other alternative you might have.


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