Ginseng Side Effects

Ginseng side effects can appear after consuming an extreme amount of it. Ginseng is a herb commonly found in certain Asia regions like China, Korea and Siberia. Even when the plant tends to grow better in somewhat cold climates it can also appear in tropical climate areas like Vietnam. There is a plant called Siberian ginseng that should not be confused with real ginseng. The Siberian plant comes from another family of herbs which are different from ginseng. The true real ginseng is the one commonly named as Chinese or Asian ginseng although there is another type called American ginseng which have similar effects.

Chinese medicine makes an extensive use of the ginseng plant. The herb is commonly used to improve vitality and increase the resistance to stress. Other typical uses of the plant are the enhancement of the immune system which can result in a decreased chance of suffering from flu and colds. It can also contribute to eliminate bacteria from the body plus can assist in regulating the menstrual cycle. The ginseng root is normally made into powder and is generally found in capsules. Even when the herb provide several benefits there are certain problems that could be associated with a very high consumption of it.

Some of the ginseng side effects are related to an increase in the stimulation of the nervous system. Pregnant and breast feeding women are advised to avoid taking the plant. In rare occasions the herb have been related to asthma attacks, increased blood pressure and palpitations. It may also cause insomnia, mild diarrhea, headaches, anxiety and vomiting.

The side effects are commonly related to the type of ginseng and to the amount consumed. 

The one called Siberian ginseng tends to cause more blood pressure problems and diarrhea than the other types. The Chinese type might interact with certain medications that are used to decrease the thickness of the blood. You have to consider that the benefits of the herb out weight the ginseng side effects by far.
The side effects are normally experienced by people that take the herb too much.

Basically everything that is consumed in excessive amounts can hurt the body in one way or the other, even water. As long as your intake of the herb is once in a while any side effect that could appear would be very rare.


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