General Eye Treatments

Many eye treatments can be used to treat most eye conditions. The eyes are the organs that allow you to see all the surroundings. The sense of sight is normally the strongest of all senses and it allows you to perceive the world in a more detailed way than the others.

However, the vision is also the most sensitive and delicate of all senses. Taking care of your eyes is of big importance which is why you need to visit your eye doctor regularly. Your eyes like all other organs can be affected by certain health conditions; some are very rare while others are quite common.

Some of the most frequent problems are myopia and hyperopia. Myopia also known as nearsightedness is a refractive defect in the eye. This defect can alter the visual perception in such a way that objects located at a far away distance look blurred while things located at a short distance look clear. Hyperopia is the opposite of myopia, in this condition objects located at a short distance from the eye seem blurred.

The cause for these conditions is not completely clear although some studies have shown there are genetic and environmental factors involved.

The eye treatments used for people with myopia include the use of corrective concave lenses and for people with hyperopia convex lenses. The lenses can help the eye to focus on the images appropriately. Another treatment that can be used is surgery. This treatment is used to modify the curvature of the cornea which will result in improved vision.

Glaucoma is another condition in which the optic nerve gets damaged. This can happen when the pressure inside the eye gets too high. Anyone suffering from this condition can experience a reduction in their field of vision, blurred vision and complete blindness in the most severe cases. The chances of suffering this disease can increase with age, diabetes, high blood pressure and eye injuries. The eye treatments used for this condition can reduce the intraocular pressure by using drops or by glaucoma laser surgery. The surgery uses a laser to increase the drainage of the aqueous fluid reducing the pressure.

Lazy eye or amblyopia is a condition affecting approximately 3 to 5% of the population. Blurred or indistinct vision is the result of this problem. This tends to happen when the eye is strained for a long period of time.

The result is a poor transmission of the visual signal through the optic nerve to the brain. This visual problem normally occurs in one eye while the other remains normal although in some cases both eyes could be affected. Some of the eye treatments used for that condition are quite simple.

The use of certain exercises can help to relief the tension in the eye alleviating the condition. One of them requires closing your eyes and imagining a black background. In another good exercise, you need to use a patch on the healthy eye while you exercise the “lazy one”. Remember to talk to your optometrist if you are having problems with your vision.


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