Understanding Eye Conditions

Eye conditions are very common among the global population.
The immense majority of the people around the world suffer from some kind of eye problem.

The eyes are the organs that allow you to perceive the world in the most accurate way. The sight is known to be the strongest sense as most of the information about the environment that surround us is obtained through it. This sense is also quite fragile and delicate so is important to take good care of it. The eyes like all other organs are susceptible to certain diseases and health conditions. Once you know what eye conditions are more likely to affect you, taking the necessary precautions to protect your sight will be simple.

Some eye problems are easy to treat while others might require a more specialized treatment:

- The first and probably most common eye disorder is myopia.

This disorder is characterized by a blurred or cloudy vision when looking at far away objects. Objects located at a short distance can be seen clearly. This condition is often treated with eyeglasses or contact lenses. Sometimes surgery is also used to correct it.

- Hyperopia is another eye problem that appears to be very common although not as common as myopia.

In this condition any object at a close distance will look blurred. People with this problem will have a hard time reading. Headaches are also very common when experiencing this disorder. Again prescription glasses or surgery are often used to correct the problem.

- Astigmatism is a problem that occurs when the cornea of the eye is not completely round but curved.

This change in the shape can lead to see an oval when looking at a round object among other things. Astigmatism is treated in the same way as myopia and hyperopia (with glasses or surgery).

- One of the eye conditions that are closely related to age is cataracts.

In this condition the lenses in the eye becomes weaker and certain proteins start to build up in the area. Once the accumulation of proteins reaches a certain level they start to interfere with the vision. Blurred and double vision is commonly the result of this condition. The cause for this disease is normally age but it can also be caused by ultraviolet light, radiation, diabetes, hypertension or physical trauma. Cataract laser surgery might be suggested to improve the ailment.

Remember to get your eye sight checked regularly.


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