Benefits of Essential Amino Acids

The human body needs essential amino acids to work properly. They are necessary nutrients required by the body just like vitamins and minerals. Amino acids are molecules necessary for the metabolic processes; without them human beings would not be able to survive. They are also the building blocks of proteins, which are an extremely important part of the major organs in our bodies.

The human brain and all the muscles including the heart are composed of proteins, making their consumption a basic need. Since proteins are a major part of the organs and amino acids are the blocks of proteins the ingestion of amino acids is imperative to preserve our health.


There are basically 2 types of amino acids: the essential and the non essential ones.

The essential amino acids are not necessarily the most relevant ones. In this case the term essential refers to the fact that the body is unable to synthesize this kind of substance. In order to acquire the essential type you must consume it. The non essential ones are the ones that the body can produce naturally.

Some amino acids can be considered essential in certain situations. Those can be produced by the human body but they need another amino acid as a raw material.


Among the most crucial functions of the essential amino acids you can find: the conversion of fatty acids into energy, the reduction in bad cholesterol levels, the absorption of calcium in the bones, the regulation of sugar levels in the blood, the production of chemicals necessary for nerve signal transmission, the muscle build up process, the production of chemicals used to stabilize moods consequently preventing anxiety and depression. The breakdown of the muscle fibers to be used as an emergency energy source is another valuable function of the amino acids.

In addition to the essential; the non-essential types of amino acids have certain tasks that must be accomplished to keep the proper functioning of the human body. Some of these tasks are the removal of toxic substances that result from muscle breakdown during exercise, the relaxation and elasticity of the blood vessels, the relief of high blood pressure by normalizing the activity in the nervous system, the production of red and white blood cells.

Amino Acid Sources

The consumption of amino acids on a daily basis is very significant as they play a critical role in our health but we have to be sure to get them from the best sources possible. Legumes and brewer’s yeast are very good sources of amino acids.

Among them the liquid brewer’s yeast (found at most health food stores) is known to be very easily absorbed by the body, so very little energy will be spent on the digestion process. 

You can also obtain them from supplements but the body will not be able to absorb them that easily resulting in a greater energy loss.


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