Emotional Stress

Emotional stress has become a part of our daily lives. The accelerated pace of the way we live has impacted our quality of life in a very dramatic way. One of the consequences of living this way is experiencing a much stress.

There are several types of stress that you can experience; it can be good, bad, chronic or acute. The good type makes you feel excited and thrilled. This is the type that you feel when you go on a vacation or when you beat a challenge. It normally motivates you and makes you go beyond your limits.
The bad type makes you feel desperate and tired. Financial problems, the death of a person close to you, too much work or a relationship issue can cause this type of emotional stress. This kind of stress can be acute or chronic. Acute will normally refer to a sudden unexpected circumstance that can make you feel exhausted for a short period of time. If the stressful situation last for too long then it can become chronic. The chronic type is the worst one as it becomes part of the daily routine and can slowly destroy you.
Stress will normally originate from a certain situation or dramatic event in your life. This event can be the death of a family member, a special project at work, problems with your significant other or certain financial issues. The longer you feel the strain of the situation the more it will adversely affect your life. Your health gets affected immediately when you are stressed. The immune system becomes weaker and viruses can enter your body with ease. You will see that people that are frequently affected by colds are under a huge amount of emotional stress all the time. Unfortunately the health problems become worst the longer the stress affects you.

Serious conditions like cancer, hypertension, heart disease and gastrointestinal problems can suddenly appear in a stressed person.

If you want to enjoy a healthy life is imperative that you learn techniques to handle the strain.
Some people like to rest while listening to nature sounds like a water fall or the singing of birds. Finding a hobby can also do wonders for you. Reading, knitting or creating a garden can take your mind off of any stressful situation. The most important thing is to make sure your brain stops focusing on the bad things and start paying attention to the ones that makes you feel good.


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