What Are The Effects of Obesity

Most effects of obesity are very well known among the global population. There are many opinions on what is considered to be obese. The body mass index (BMI) is frequently used to determine the degree of obesity.

The index measures the amount of fat in the body according to the height and weight of the person. A BMI of 25 to 29 will indicate that someone is overweight and over 30 is considered to be obese.

Obesity can be very dangerous. This chronic condition has severe consequences for anyone experiencing it. The repercussions of being obese are not only physical but psychological and financial as well.

The effects of obesity are so common and dangerous that the condition is known to be one of the top causes of death.

- Diabetes type 2 is one of the most dangerous diseases that can result from obesity.

The illness is related to the body’s inability to produce enough insulin to carry the sugar inside the cells. Blindness, amputations and death are some of the devastating effects of diabetes.
- Hypertension also known as the silent killer; has also been linked to the condition.

Fat deposits in the arteries can lead to an increase in the blood pressure resulting in damage to kidneys and blood vessels. The accumulation of fats in the walls of the arteries also decreases the amount of blood into the brain possibly leading to a stroke. Developing heart diseases like atherosclerosis are also very possible with hypertension and obesity.

- Sleep apnea is a dangerous sleeping disorder often associated with being overweight.

Someone experiencing the condition will stop breathing for short periods of time while they are sleeping. The soft tissue located in the throat area blocks the air passages reducing the oxygen intake. Other severe health problems can appear as the body struggles to get air.

- The effects of obesity can also be psychological.

People with this problem can feel that other individuals are going to make fun of them so they avoid getting out and interacting with other people. The pressure that society puts on a perfect image tends to increase self esteem issues around people that are overweight, which is generally more evident in teenage obesity. In some places many discriminate against the obese which further add to the emotional distress that it creates.

Preparing healthy snacks for the kids can prevent problems of excess weight in their future.

- Your finances can also suffer by having an obesity problem.

Medical health insurance can get way more expensive for overweight people, plus the expenses incurred in treating diseases like hypertension and diabetes can make a serious dent to your budget. Have you heard about what is the "water diet"?

If you understand what is going on between the fast food and obesity you will notice that saving a considerable amount of money is possible when buying fresh local produce including fiber rich foods, instead of the usual over processed products.

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