Early Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

The early symptoms of multiple sclerosis are more often diagnosed among the 20 and 40 years of age. Being an autoimmune disease; it makes the immune system of an individual attack itself.

Sclerosis is complicated to diagnose because the symptoms may appear and then be gone for a certain period of time.

The symptoms of sclerosis increase as the disease progresses with only minor symptoms in the initial stages and more severe symptoms occurring over time. Here are some of the symptoms that are often associated with sclerosis. You could experiences numbness or weakness the limbs. This weakness may occur on one side of the body or may be in the lower half of the body.

You may experience blurring or blindness sometimes accompanied by pain when you move the eye. In many cases those with sclerosis may feel an unusual tingling when having regular head movements. An unsteady gait, and lack of coordination are often seen in early symptoms of multiple sclerosis. You may also suffer from fatigue and dizziness.

Natural treatment for sclerosis

There are many ways to naturally treat sclerosis that may help to slow down the disease or at least help to reduce your symptoms. These treatments are based in a large part on maintaining good health and a positive mental attitude. 

- Getting the proper amount of sleep at night as well as resting when you feel especially tired or fatigued may help to keep more serious symptoms in check and keep you feeling better.

- Exercise has proven to be helpful as it keeps the body toned and helps improve coordination. Aerobic exercise like swimming as well as exercises designed to stretch and improve strength may be incredibly helpful.

- Eating properly will help keep you strong as well as keep the muscles in your body healthy; adding more vegetables to your diet like: potatoes, carrots, beets can help your body.

Many people suffering from sclerosis find that intense heat adds to the feeling of tiredness. If this is true in your case then avoid the heat as much as possible and drink plenty of fluids to keep from becoming dehydrated. Continuing to do the things you enjoy doing will keep your mood up and help you feel both more positive and in control. 

Having sclerosis can be frightening, however, by taking an active role in treating your sclerosis you are helping yourself to feel more positive and stay in control which in the end will result in you feeling healthier and less of a victim of the disease.


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