Drinking Distilled Water

Drinking distilled water is considered to result in a cleansing process on the body. The water has been treated to remove contaminants and particles so that what is left behind is as close to pure as possible.

The water is created using methods so there are no added unnatural elements or harmful processes involved.

There is concern about the quality of the water we drink on a daily basis since much of the earth has become so polluted. In many places water supplies are treated with artificial compounds and some people are uncomfortable with their families drinking from the tap.

Health Benefits

The distilled water removes the worry of unsafe water. Since it is so pure it is said to be very efficient at hydrating our cells. Consuming that water frequently helps the organs of our bodies to function well.

The nature of drinking distilled water enhances the process of detoxification by flushing mineral deposits from artery walls, etc. That could potentially reduce the effects of arthritis, gall stones and kidney stones; consequently improving circulation (essential for lowering high blood pressure). The distilled water may even help enhance your appearance because of its hydrating effects.

What is Distilled Water - The Process

Making distilled water at home is an ideal way to treat questionable water to make it safe for drinking. It should only be done with stainless steel, glass and other safe materials to avoid contamination.

- Basically it can be made by boiling the water and allowing it to condense on a surface.

- The condensation then drips into a container and you have pure water to drink.

- Contaminants and particles accumulate in the bottom of the distiller so that they can be thrown away.

Home water distillers can be purchased inexpensively for small table top models that produce a gallon or two a day. Larger, more expensive models are also available. There are even large commercial ones that distill water as a form of purification. Having distilled water is as easy as buying it by the gallon at the grocery store.

Drinking distilled water has long been promoted as a healthy practice by alternative health practitioners but there are also others with opposing views. Some professionals believe that the ability of distilled water to remove mineral deposits from the body could actually deplete the body of its vital mineral stores.

If you have any question about the consumption of distilled water consult your doctor or nutritionist.


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