Diabetic Snacks

Diabetic snacks do not have to be tasteless to be healthy. Diabetes is a condition where sugar levels in blood tend to spike very often. The sugar in the blood can go up and down very quickly. The usual recommendation for a diabetic person is to eat a snack between meals to keep the sugar levels stable.

The type 2 of diabetes occurs after reaching adulthood but some cases in teenagers have been reported. People with this condition are at very high risk of developing other diseases like hypertension.

Diabetes is a condition that requires a constant intake of healthy food to prevent further complications. Many diabetics especially when they are outside their homes have the problem of finding an adequate snack to control their sugar levels. Most of the snack choices outside are sugary and fatty products that can endanger the life of people that are suffering from this illness. The problem that most people have is finding a tasty and healthy snack that can satisfy them before the next meal. One alternative is to make your own diabetic snacks. These are snacks that you can take any almost everywhere. They can be as delicious and healthy as you want them to be.
The snacks that you need must be prepared quickly and easily as you probably will not want to spend hours making them. Preferably they must contain complex carbohydrates that your body can use for a constant source of energy. They must also be tasty (as you will want to consume them otherwise they won’t be very helpful) and should be as healthy as possible.

Crab meat spread can be a quite a tasty snack. You just need half a cup of celery, 1 cup of crab meat, a small onion, half green pepper preferably diced, sprouts and vinegar with just a little bit of cottage cheese. After blending all the ingredients you will have your snack ready to go.

Another easy snack to prepare is carrots with raisins. One cup of sliced carrots with ¼ of a cup of raisins can provide you one of the most delicious diabetic snacks you ever tasted. You can also go for a different approach by choosing baked sweet potatoes fries with sauce.

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Raw cucumber vegetable salad

Another alternative is to choose raw veggies. Radishes, cucumbers, celery and red peppers are excellent choices when you want to control your carbohydrate intake.


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