Dash Diet Guidelines

Lowering the High Blood Pressure

The dash diet guidelines are very important steps in order to execute the diet plan correctly. Dash is short for dietary approaches to stop hypertension.

The nutritional plan follows a diet based on 2,000 calories on a day intake but can vary accordingly to the person's need. 

One of the main ideas behind the plan is to ensure a high consumption of certain nutrients that lower blood pressure.

The dash diet guidelines recommend approximately 7 servings per day of whole grains. Lots of cereals with high fiber content like whole grain bread are the base of the diet. This group contains the main carbohydrate source to take every day. That way unhealthy carbohydrates sources like sugars and fats are strictly limited. The second most important group of foods you should consume is the fruits and vegetables.

Calcium and potassium rich foods are some of the main elements in this nutritional plan. 

When you go the market there a couple things you can do when following this meal plan.

Tips on Shopping For Food:

1- The first thing you must know is to never go the supermarket hungry.Fresh fruits 

If you do most of the things you will buy are unhealthy snacks filled with sugar and very high fat.

2- Preparing a list before you go can help you save money and be healthier. 

Plan all the meals that you will eat during the week, including any healthy snacks and foods that you might crave in that time.

3- Once you are in the supermarket direct yourself where the natural and organic products are located.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are winners always so get them. If you have a local or farmer market nearby buy the food from them. Keep a good stock of the food that you will eat. Fruits like apples, bananas, oranges, pineapples and vegetables like carrots, beets, broccoli should be (if feasible) in your home at all times.

4- Read all the labels carefully. 

Try to avoid canned products, especially if they are rich in processed fat and sodium. 

When getting meat like skinless chicken remember to make sure that is low in processed fat. Use salt free seasonings for the food when possible, instead of regular ones, that is to minimize the amount of sodium consumed during the day.

Easy recipes to cook:

Chicken breast Lasagna
Cabbage Fruits


Chicken salad recipe with potatoes

Turkey breast casserole

What about salt and hypertension? 


If you are a person suffering hypertension, want to lose weight or simply be healthy following the dash diet guidelines is a nice step toward achieving your goal.

Prevention - The main danger associated with high blood pressure is that it causes no symptoms

When following this plan approximately 4 servings each day from fruits and vegetables should be good enough to keep you going. The next part of the plan of the dash diet guidelines is about the dairy products and the meat. Dairy products consumed should be with the lowest amount of unhealthy fat. The portion of meats to be eaten should be lean.

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