Coconut Oil Diet

The coconut oil diet has been used by people for some time, but you might be thinking what is so special about the coconut oil? The oil is normally extracted from a matured coconut of a coconut palm. This fruit is very abundant in tropical areas and has been used as food for years.

The oil from a coconut is frequently used to cook food as it is very hard to oxidize. There are several ways to extract the oil from the coconut. The coconut kernel is shredded first then dried in an oven; later on the coconut is pressed and the oil comes out.

This is the process to extract virgin coconut oil which is the ideal form for consumption.

There are other ways to extract the oil but they usually involve refining it which lowers its quality. It is generally used as a part of a losing weight diet and to improve general health. The fats composing it are easily absorbed into the body and can be used as an energy source in no time. The virgin coconut oil can help not only to lose weight but in treating some conditions like hypertension and heart disease. It is also great as a moisturizer.
The coconut oil diet can be very unusual for some people as the oil is mostly composed of saturated fats. These types of fats are normally known to be very dangerous.

The main difference between the natural coconut’s fat and the processed saturated fat lies in the chemical structure of the coconut’s oil.

Processed saturated fats in the human body tend to clog the arteries resulting in problems like hypertension, heart disease, high cholesterol levels and diabetes.

Whole dry coconut

The common processed unsaturated oils from vegetables turn toxic at very high temperatures likes the ones used for frying. This lead to a very high content of dangerous fats for any food prepared that way. Since the oil of the coconut is naturally mostly composed of saturated fats it can resist the oxidation more than others.

In order to start a virgin coconut oil diet correctly you will also need an exercise program to boost its benefits. Exercises like walking, swimming and jogging are the ideal combination for the diet.

The oil will become solid if you store in the fridge so keep it at room temperature before using it to make it liquid. You can start by adding 2 to 3 tablespoons (total in a day) to your meals every day.

The diet does not require any specific food for your meals but it can be more effective if you combine it with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Salads are good for the use of the oil but you can use the extra virgin olive oil during the week as well. Avoid processed foods as they can decrease the benefits.


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