Cholesterol Free Diet

A bad cholesterol free diet can do wonders for you. Cholesterol is a substance very similar to fat created by the human body. The liver is the organ responsible for the manufacture of this substance. Cholesterol is produced to accomplish several functions. Some of them are the production of certain hormones, vitamin D, the cells walls and the bile acids that are necessary for the digestion process.

The liver is responsible for the immense majority of the cholesterol production. Under normal circumstances this amount of cholesterol will not cause any complications. The problem with cholesterol occurs when this substance enters the bloodstream. This excessive amount generally appears as a result of unhealthy eating habits.

The unhealthy saturated fats and other dangerous elements that originate from ingesting animal tissue upset the balance in the body causing an increase of the cholesterol levels in the blood.

Not all cholesterol is bad; there are 2 types: the HDL and the LDL. The bad type is the one that causes problems. Hypertension, heart attacks, strokes and coronary heart disease are some of the consequences that occur when the bad type (LDL) is present in the blood vessels. The trick to avoid these problems is to get more of the good type and less of the bad type.

Your main goal should be a bad cholesterol free diet. Even when sometimes being completely free of LDL can seem like a challenge you should consume a bigger amount of HDL to compensate. You need foods with a high content of HDL to keep your arteries from being clogged with bad cholesterol.

Keep in mind that vegetable sources do not contain LDL; this substance is only present in food from animal sources.

You can start by adding a good amount of fruits and vegetables to your eating habits.

Carrots, avocado and apple

Apples, pineapples, potatoes, carrots, beets, avocados are healthy and will most definitely provide you with several vitamins necessary for your body. Adding some extra virgin olive oil to your meals can increase the levels of good cholesterol which are a must to reduce the harmful fats in your bloodstream. Another important part of your cholesterol free diet is the elimination of dangerous fats.

Reduce the intake of meats; refined flour should be avoided as well as dairy products and all kinds of fried foods. Many vegetable oils become toxic when cooked at very high temperatures so exercise caution when cooking with them.

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