Celery Seed Extract - How can it help

The celery seed extract is often used for medicinal purposes. Celery is a vegetable that originates from the European continent. The plant has very long green stems that can be eaten raw or cooked. Another way of consuming the plant is by drinking it as celery juice.

The leaves from the celery can be healthy but the seeds are useful as well. The healing properties of the seeds have been used for ages in the old world, strangely it wasn’t until recently that people from the western countries started researching the properties of the seeds.

Celery seed extract is composed of several elements that are beneficial for the human body. The extract contains flavonoids which are naturally occurring antioxidants very abundant in the plant kingdom. These antioxidants protect the cells from the damage produced by the free radicals. The seeds also contain some chemical compounds that can naturally thin the blood. That can help in the prevention of blood clots that can lead to strokes. Another interesting component of the extract is an omega 6 fatty acid. This kind of fatty acid is necessary to preserve nerve function, aids in the formation of the cells membranes and strengthen the immune system.

So what are exactly the benefits of the extract?

Fresh celery and carrotsOne of the most frequent uses of the extract is to eliminate water excess from the body. This is done by increasing the urine output. Arthritis is another condition often treated by this seed extract.

One of the most popular uses for the celery seed extract is blood pressure reduction.

People with hypertension problems might benefit from it as the omega 6 can decrease circulatory problems and the probability of suffering a heart attack gets reduced thanks to its blood thinning capabilities.

Another possible beneficial effect that the extract might posses is the ability to fight cancerous cells. The antioxidants present in the seed extract can decrease the damage done by cancer.

Even when the extract obtained from the celery seed can be very helpful there are certain elements that you must take into consideration before using it.

- The first is that if you are using a medication to get rid of the water excess in your body you should avoid using the extract as it can cause dehydration.

- The second is in respect to its blood thinning properties; if you are taking a medication to thin your blood you must avoid taking the extract otherwise you run the risk of a hemorrhage.


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