Main Causes of Kidney Stones

Causes of kidney stones are varied but most of them have something in common. The kidneys play a very important role in the human body. These organs tasks vary from producing certain hormones to filtering the blood. The kidneys are very well known to be the main filter of the body.

They clean the blood from all the waste produced by several reactions that take place in the body. These organs are very sensitive; so major unbalances in the body can cause irreversible damage to them. Diabetes and hypertension are known to hurt kidneys very badly. Kidneys are also commonly affected by stones.

The causes of kidney stones can be found sometimes in the food that we consume every day. There are many different types of stones and according to the type you might know what the direct cause of the stone is. Sometimes consuming a certain mineral or substance in excessive amounts can trigger the synthesis of these stones.

Kidney stones can be very diverse but they can be grouped in 4 main types:

1- The first and most common type is the calcium stones. As the name indicates they are made of calcium. Normally the body is able to eliminate all the excess calcium through the urine but there are times when the extra calcium is not flushed and starts to accumulate in the kidneys. The calcium stone is typically made from calcium oxalate.

The main problem is that most metal ions like calcium form insoluble precipitates with oxalates. Since those compounds have a very hard time dissolving in water; they can accumulate in your kidneys. Limiting the amount of oxalates consumed can help you in eliminating one of the possible causes of kidney stones. Also there are certain metabolic disorders that can force the body to create a higher than usual amount of oxalates.

Fructose a very common sugar; is known to form oxalates when ingested in high amounts. Foods and drinks with a very high amount of fructose should be avoided when possible; mostly found in sodas, artificial juices, syrup, etc.

2- Struvite stones are another type of kidney stones. They are usually formed after an infection of the urinary track. This type is mostly made of magnesium and its grow can be quite rapid.

3- The cystine stone is a quite rare type. This condition has a genetic component and can be hereditary. Cystine is a very important amino acid that helps in the construction of body tissue but when is produced in excessive amounts it can accumulate in the kidneys.

4- The uric acid stones can form when the acid concentration in the urine is too high. This happens in people that consume too much protein. Meats, soy, beans and dairy products are very rich in proteins so their intake must be reduced to avoid stones.

This can become an even bigger problem for people that don’t drink enough water. Certain disorders can also increase the production of these kinds of stones. There are other less common kidney stones that might be caused by rare disorders.

The causes of kidney stones can be many but paying attention to the stones could give you the necessary information to act appropriately.

Remember to consult your physician if you experience any symptoms that may resemble the presence of kidney stones.


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