Cardiac Hypertension

Is there something such as cardiac hypertension?

You must be aware that hypertension is often called "the silent killer" and this definitely is for a reason. There is a definite relation between cardiovascular disease and hypertension.

High blood pressure is very dangerous if left untreated and very often due to mild symptoms it is not diagnosed until it is too late. When you hear that your 45 years old friend had a sudden massive cardiac arrest, chances are that he or she were suffering from hypertension and did not know about it, he or she left it untreated and unfortunately, the heart could not resist anymore.

What are the statistics saying about cardiovascular disease And hypertension?

The statistics show that three in every five people who die of a heart attack previously suffer from hypertension. It is true that cardiovascular disease and consistent high blood pressure are closely related as anyone who suffers from a moderate and severe hypertension fall into high risk group for cardiovascular disease.

This happens because the hypertension (or if you wish to call it cardiac hypertension) puts too much pressure on the heart, which after some time unless the blood pressure is brought under control it simply collapses under the stress.

There are plenty of warning signals when you suffer from this condition, however it is to easy to ignore these signs due to various reasons, i.e. lack of time, unable to realize their importance, inability to slow down due to high demand of professional life, etc.

How can you control cardiac hypertension?

Though there is medication to control it, this needs to be taken regularly and very seriously (which very few people do). Besides, you need to change your life style. Believe me, you can achieve this! In order to keep your condition under control, you need to:

  • eat healthy

  • exercise daily

  • learn to manage stress

  • avoid alcohol

  • stop smoking

In other words, if you want to live and lead a qualitative life, you need to take full control of your life or face the consequences. There are many research studies which are looking into the possibility of making a medicine that can reverse cardiovascular disease and these show promising results. However, until such a medicine is discovered, you need to keep a close watch on all the factors that strengthen the cardiovascular disease and hypertension link through all the means available to you.



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