Blood Pressure Spike

A blood pressure spike is not as inoffensive as some people might think. A spike is basically a significant variation of the average blood pressure. The pressure is typically below 119/79 mmHg for healthy individuals but is higher for people suffering from hypertension. It has been mentioned for several years that anyone experiencing high blood pressure for an extended period of time has an elevated risk of suffering strokes. 

It is considered worse if the pressure changes too much over a short time. Several studies indicate that spikes in blood pressure can lead to strokes. As a matter of fact people with an average pressure that suffer from spikes are in an even greater danger than those that have a consistent high blood pressure reading.

Blood Pressure Spike Causes

These spikes are not entirely unpredictable as certain factors have a high chance of triggering them.

- The first element that shouldn’t be ignored is the food. You might think is not a big deal, but your meals affects you more than you think. Any food cooked by frying or with a high concentration of processed sugar can create a strong fluctuation that might put you at risk; as the blood gets thicker due to the high amount of fat in the food, the blood pressure increases sharply creating an opportunity for a stroke to appear.

The amount of sodium in your diet should also not be ignored. As you exceed the 1000 mg per day, the body begins to accumulate fluids which may result in a significant increase in the pressure.

- Exercise is another cause for spikes. Normally, the exercise is quite beneficial for your heart and circulatory system. A moderate amount of it can lower your blood pressure and provide enough oxygen to keep your internal organs healthy. Exercise can always cause a momentary increase in the blood pressure but the body can usually adapt fairly fast. Sadly, there is such thing as too much exercise. Some people have a condition where their cells are not able to expand fast enough to deliver the extra blood resulting from intense exercise which can cause a dangerous blood pressure spike.

- Your emotional state can also play a very important role in your cardiovascular health. It is no secret that when you feel stress your heart rate and blood pressure increase. This occurs as the blood vessels become constricted due to certain hormones released into the blood stream. Under normal circumstances your body can adjust well but if stress is repeated very often or if is too sudden, a spike may be produced and it can endanger your health.

Avoiding the Spikes

As dangerous as the spikes may be, they can be prevented in most cases. The first thing you need to do is to eat healthy. This may sound very simple but it work wonders. The main objective is to avoid eating many fatty or salty foods to reduce the chances of a blood pressure spike.

Reducing the time of intense exercise can also be quite helpful to prevent your blood pressure from getting out of control. Remember exercise is good but over doing it can be harmful.

Keeping the stress levels to the minimum is probably the hardest thing to do in order to maintain the pressure stabilized. Take a deep breath and calm down before succumbing to the daily stress and it may save your life.


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