Blood Pressure Range

The usual blood pressure range can vary from person to person. Depending on the general area where people live the average blood pressure typical for a person can change.

Long ago the accepted systolic blood pressure was 100 in addition to the age of the person; in these days that’s no longer the case. It has been proven that even a person with 70 years can have a lower blood pressure. The new accepted limit pressure that is considered healthy is 120/80mmHg. This new standard is better but is far from being the best possible one.

You cannot expect a young adult of 25 years to have the same blood pressure as an 80 year old person. The body including the heart and the arteries also age which means it cannot be as efficient as the body of someone who is in his prime. Even with that a person advanced in age can still manage to keep a relative low pressure as long they take care of themselves. The standard for the best blood pressure range keeps getting stricter. The preferable range for a healthy blood pressure is between from 90/60mmHg to 119/79mmHg. The limit of 120/80mmHg is often considered prehypertension. A prehypertensive person is one that has a big risk of turning hypertensive if they do not take care of themselves.

Having your blood pressure measured frequently can help you in knowing the magnitude of the lifestyle changes that you have to make if any.

Remember before heading to the doctor office you must avoid alcoholic and drinks with caffeine. You must also remain as calm as possible and do not think about any stressful situation. Sometimes if you are too stressed when the doctor takes the pressure reading it will be way higher than your real pressure and he might prescribe you something that you really do not need. Especially since blood pressure medications have so many side effects that is better not to take them unless is absolutely necessary.

Keep your system healthy

If you are over of what is considered the optimal blood pressure range a couple of simple changes might be enough for you. Start eating healthy with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Reduce or eliminate if possible all food high in cholesterol and start exercising regularly. This will surely take your blood pressure to an acceptable level.

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