What You Need For a Blood Pressure Log

A blood pressure log can be really helpful when facing the very frequent hypertension condition. Hypertension or high blood pressure is a condition that is very common and can be very severe.

When your blood pressure is too high it may be because the arteries are narrow which makes your heart work harder to pump the blood or too much fluid in the blood vessels which produce the same effect on the heart. With hypertension you will have to watch the condition very carefully if you do not want any sudden complications.

One of the best ways to watch your pressure is by using a blood pressure log. You are going to use the log to keep a record of your blood pressure readings. This is extremely important as you must note any information that might be relevant in treating the hypertension condition. You can keep a daily log in addition to your medical records in order to have the best data available. You will need a blood pressure monitor in order to execute this properly. Understanding pressure readings is essential so you must know what reading is acceptable and which one is not.

The maximum healthy blood pressure accepted is 120/80mmHg.
Notebook with a pencil
This pressure should be your first priority. The top number is the systolic blood pressure while the bottom one is the diastolic one. The top one refers to the pressure in the blood stream when the heart is contracting and the bottom one refers to the pressure when the heart relaxes. The best possible range for a good blood pressure is from 90/60mmHg to 119/79mmHg. If you can manage to keep the pressure at these levels you are doing fine.

A good blood pressure log must have essential information like

The blood pressure readings, the time of the reading, your weight at the moment of the reading and if possible any situation or event that could affect the reading at that moment. Some days people are more stressed than others. Exercising and alcoholic drinks can also affect a reading which is why you must not smoke and or drink alcohol before taking it.

Avoid making exercise at least 30 minutes before your reading otherwise it will give an inaccurate measure.

Before heading to your doctor remember to bring your log with you in order to discuss the data with him, that way he will have a better idea in how to treat your condition.



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