Benefits of Antioxidants - How can they help

Some of the benefits of antioxidants are well known while others are not that popular. You might be thinking what exactly is an antioxidant and why is so important? The answer is easy and complicated at the same time. An antioxidant is simply a molecule which is capable of preventing the oxidation of another molecule.

Oxidation is a reaction where electrons are transferred from one atom to another.

During the oxidation process some substances called free radicals are produced. These free radicals are capable of creating several chain reactions that can damage any cell. The main work of antioxidants is the removal of free radicals which interferes with their chain reaction preventing cell damage. Some oxidation reactions are necessary for life to exist. The main problem occurs when the byproducts are formed. These byproducts are the free radicals.

Free radicals inside the human body can be generated from the normal reactions occurring in the body and from external sources. Smoke in the air, certain types of radiation and contaminated food and water can increase the number of free radicals in the human body. These free radicals are responsible for the aging process in the human body and many diseases like cancer. The body produces a certain amount of antioxidants naturally which are under normal conditions enough to fight the normal occurring radicals. Because of the high degree of contamination in the modern times we have to increase the intake of antioxidants to live longer.
One of the most popular benefits of antioxidants is the protection from UV rays. Getting a good tan is one of the main reasons people go to the beach, however, remaining a long time under the sun can damage your skin making it more wrinkled and dry. Antioxidants are able to counter the damage in your skin giving it a younger look. They can also control the damage inside the cells that can lead to problems like skin cancer.

Antioxidants are able to control the weight and prevent conditions like heart disease, hypertension and strokes by slowing down the oxidation of cholesterol.

This can hinder the hardening and clogging of the arteries allowing a stable blood flow.

Certain types of cancer can be prevented by ingesting many antioxidants daily like vitamin C, beta carotene and selenium. Other benefits of antioxidants are an increased of life span and the conservation a young physical appearance for a longer period of time. They are also great for accelerating the healing of wounds and bone development. Remember try to obtain your antioxidants from natural food sources.


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