Bad Circulation

Bad circulation is a common problem that affects millions of people around the world and some are not even aware they have it. Your circulatory system is strong but there are many elements that can damage it. The heart and the blood vessels located all over your body are responsible to make sure your organs get the amount of blood and oxygen they need.

The problem occur when the blood flow is interrupted and the amount of blood required in the organs decrease. This reduction in the blood flow can cause severe damage. Bad circulation is a condition known as peripheral vascular disease or PVD.
This medical problem occurs when the arteries get clogged by too much fat. As time passes fat accumulate in the walls of the blood vessels decreasing the amount of blood that can go through them. After a couple of years the fat deposits can be some big that all blood flow is stopped. When this happen the amount of health problems that can appear are almost limitless. Strokes, heart diseases, hypertension, renal failure and dementia are just some of the conditions that can appear as the blood flow stops. Most of the times, the disease does not present any symptoms. Only when the illness is in an advanced stage the symptoms can become evident.


They are normally associated with bad circulation are headaches, dizziness, chest pain, lack of focus, fatigue, poor appetite, itchy skin and swelling of extremities. Other symptoms commonly experienced are the lack of sensation in arms and legs. A person with circulation problems will often complain of numbness and coldness in arms and legs. Sometimes this can happen after keeping a bad posture for too long but if the occurrence is too frequent it might be a signal of having circulatory complications.

The most common causes for having problems in your blood circulation

The causes generally are eating an excessive amount of unhealthy meals, smoking and too much stress. You have many alternatives that you can use to recover your good circulation. Start eating healthy and limit the consumption of fatty and processed foods. Getting your blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked frequently can give you a hint whether your life style changes are working or you have to be even stricter.

Consult with your doctor about any additional steps that you can take to further improve your health.


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