The Use of a Baby Heart Monitor

The baby heart monitor is a device that is getting a lot of popularity these days. Frequent visits to the doctor are very recommendable for any woman carrying a child. The physician will inform you of the current health of the baby and if any situation is posing a risk for the baby. Pregnant women need to know at all times that their baby is healthy.

There are times that you just want to see how the baby is doing even if you do not feel that there is anything wrong with him. 

Visiting a doctor every couple of hours is not an option but there is an alternative that might be helpful.

Using a baby heart monitor can help you get the peace of mind that you need. This device which is similar to the ones used by the doctors; will help you to see how is your baby doing. A baby Doppler which is another name for this type of device will help you hear the heart beat of your baby. You must keep in mind that you will be able to hear the beats with this instrument after the 20 week of pregnancy. An irregular heart beat might be a sign of congenital heart disease.

Before buying the device you must be aware of certain details:

  • There are some models that are more efficient than others. There have been cases where women have bought a low quality monitor and haven’t been able to hear their baby heartbeat appropriately.
  • Some cannot detect the baby’s moves while others have a screen that is way too small. 
  • Good sensitivity and a high quality image is what should be looking for in that type of instrument.

Remember to consult doctor before getting a baby heart monitor.

The doctor is the most appropriate person to tell you how to handle such a device. Some women confuse their own heartbeat with the one of the baby. They are unable to pinpoint the location of the baby’s heart successfully. A tip to prevent that kind of problem is to know the typical beats per minute.

A baby will usually have approximately 120 to 160 bpm (beats per minute) which is way faster than for any adult.

Typically the bpm for adults is around 60 to 80 bpm at rest. This detail can give you a clue whether you are feeling your own heartbeat or the baby’s. If for some reason you can’t seem to get the baby’s rate go to your doctor to be sure that the baby is fine.

Even when this instrument is not a substitute for your doctor it can help you feel more at ease.


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