Facts About Average Blood Pressure

Many people are not sure about the average blood pressure. The accepted blood pressure levels have been changing for a while. Originally the levels that were considered average for the systolic blood pressure were 100 plus the age of the person.

Then it changed to 100 plus half the age of the person. Eventually they started to use steady figures like 160/100 and also started to lower the numbers until 120/80mmHg. This pressure is the maximum accepted blood pressure for a healthy person. A blood pressure of 121/80mmHg is considered now to be a prehypertensive person. According to doctors a prehypertensive person is a person that will likely develop hypertension.

The average blood pressure that is preferred for anyone right now should be something between 90/60mmHg to 119/79mmHg. As you can guess the numbers will probably keep getting lower. Right now almost everybody is considered to be a hypertensive person or at least a prehypertensive one. One factor that not many doctors take into consideration is the emotional.

One well known fact is that stress play a key role in our blood pressure.

A person that is experiencing a difficult situation will have a higher reading than a person that is completely relaxed. Doctors often take a reading and as soon as they see a high number they start prescribing medication to lower it when in fact it could be just an emotional issue. Once the patient overcomes the situation and relax the blood pressure will return to the normal levels.

This is the reason to avoid prescribing for the hypertension condition unless several readings have been taken over a long period of time. There are also some physical differences that merit some people having a higher blood pressure than others while being healthy. Older people will naturally have a higher pressure than someone 20 years younger than them. As a person age the arteries will become stiffer giving a higher reading.

In order to remain in the average blood pressure range you can take walks to keep yourself healthy.

If you can manage to be calmed under stressful situations your blood pressure will not experience the high peaks produced by stress and your cardiovascular system will remain more stable.

Keeping your pressure under control is not a difficult task but you must keep an eye on it.



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