Anxiety Management - How to use it

Anxiety management is really useful when stress levels get out of control. Stress is very common during these times. Sometimes it can be mild and other times it can be quite severe. Anxiety occurs as a direct result from stress. Depending on the severity of the stress; anxiety attacks can appear.

There are many situations in life that can lead anyone to suffer from anxiety. The loss of a job, a broken relationship and the death of a loved one are common triggers for feelings of worry, fear and uneasiness. When these feelings persist; anxiety and stress levels tend to increase.

Some anxiety episodes can be quite brief and those rarely affect the overall health of a person but sometimes they can be chronic. Chronic anxiety can be very dangerous. Some of the common physical effects of anxiety can be fatigue, heart palpitations, chest pain, nausea, headaches and stomach aches. Since the level of anxiety is directly related to the level of the threat perceived; the more you think the situation is uncontrollable the worst you will feel. Extreme anxiety can cause your blood pressure and heart rate to increase; if the feeling of fear remains for too long your heart and arteries may suffer irreversible damage.

The solution to reduce anxiety attacks can reside in anxiety management techniques.

One of the simplest techniques you can use is breathing control. As you inhale you say something like “everything “and when you exhale “is going to be okay” this can help you to calm and to focus in the desired outcome. As you breathe remember to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth to increase the efficacy of the method. You can also listen to instrumental music to quiet your mind. This can give you the opportunity to think more clearly before acting.

You have to obtain as much information as possible about the true cause of the fear to effectively use anxiety management. Since anxiety is directly related to fear, you must think about the true cause of that fear.

What element in your life makes you feel threatened and not in control? Once you know the exact cause of the fear you will be in a better position to come up with a solution.

Frequently one of the typical causes for living in stress is worrying about future events.

If you are experiencing this problem you can stop for a moment then apply the breathing techniques and remember to enjoy the present. You have to ask yourself if anxiety is affecting your life lightly or severely; if is only slightly there is no much need for management otherwise you must address the problem immediately.


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