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It has been my goal for several years to find an effective way to reduce my blood pressure levels without the need of dangerous medications.

I am not a doctor. I am just a guy in my middle 30’s and have struggled with prehypertension since my early 20’s. In addition, my father has suffered from the debilitating effects of high blood pressure for more than 20 years. He tried many prescriptions but honestly the most they can do was to keep his pressure controlled for a very short time.

I had to do something!

Since I was young, every doctor mentioned the only way to handle blood pressure was to take pills and hope for the best. I was not going to accept that. My father was always taking medications and somehow his pressure levels kept getting higher and higher. Every time he went to the doctor’s appointment; he returned with a higher dose or some fancy new pill. That is the path I was heading (especially since pretty much everybody claim that hypertension is hereditary, and there is nothing anyone can do about it).

Taking medications for the rest of my life was not very appealing and looking at my father’s situation was frustrating. I was determined to do something. Some solution had to be out there waiting for me. Achieving my goal was not going to be easy as the origin of hypertension has always been said to be a mystery, but I never gave up. No matter how hard it was the answer had to be in front of me.

The findings

Determining the cause of high blood pressure was my priority. If you know the cause of the issue, you can find ways to solve a problem. I researched for many years and noticed several interesting facts that provided a clue about the source of hypertension. They are often ignored but are the key for managing this serious health risk.

I decided to gain as much knowledge as I could on the topic and created a website to share all my findings with anyone that could benefit from this information.

There are more than 100 articles that you will find useful and enlightening. If you are experiencing higher than normal blood pressure levels or if you know anyone interested in approaching this health threat in a less risky way you are more than welcome to dive in.


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