Some Facts About Hypertension

The clinical manifestation about hypertension

Hypertension, also referred to as high blood pressure, is a specific health condition that happens as a result of developing high blood pressure on the artery walls. The clinical manifestation of it is not apparent.

Hence a regular monitoring of blood pressure can only detect hypertension. In the United States it is one of the most common health complications affecting more than 50 million individuals at present.

Main causes of the problem

Among 90% of the cases, the causes behind the development of hypertension are not known. It runs in the genes, if one of the parents has hypertension, the offspring may develop the same complication later on time. When you are not taking care of your weight, it may pose serious threat to health. Apart from that, sedentary lifestyle may also contribute to the unfolding of the condition. Whatever may be the cause, the clinical manifestation is not so prominent, even at the advanced level of the complications. 

Measuring the body fat

Other possible complications 

Another fact about hypertension is that it may lead to other serious health complications, and even at it s worst end, to mortality. 

Known as the 'silent killer', hypertension does not have any symptoms. 

The detection of hypertension by simple symptoms is virtually impossible. A regular monitoring of blood pressure can help detecting the problem effectively.

Since the detection of blood pressure is the only mode of determining it can not be identified just by analyzing a manifestation. A persistent form of anxiety and irritability may lead to hypertension in people under certain circumstances. At its advanced level, hypertension is linked up with some complications as:

  • confusion

  • nausea

  • somnolence

  • vomiting and

  • visual disturbance

An increasing level of high blood pressure may lead to different other ailments, which may affect different organs in our body. When someone has developed hypertension, he or she may become susceptible towards developing few other serious health complications such as: strokes, myocardial infarction, heart failure, hypersensitive retinopathy, and hypersensitive nephropathy. 

Changing into a healthy lifestyle may minimize the risk of developing the illness. In addition, doctors may suggest medications for treating hypertension as well.



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